Spring 2022 Graduate Spotlight | Meg Cerny (B.A. Art History, 2022)

This spring Meg Cerny graduated with a B.A. in Art History and shared “Being a student in the UW-Madison Art History Department has been a remarkable experience that I will always cherish. Never having taken many art classes, but having been a history buff, my art history journey began as a freshman when I enrolled in Art History 103 – Italian Renaissance: Florence to Rome with Professor Kristin Phillips-Court. This class – still one of my favorites at UW-Madison – and Professor Phillips-Court made such a big impression on me that I decided I had to continue to take more art history classes. During my sophomore and junior years, I had the opportunity to take classes with Anna Andrzejewski, Nick Cahill and Nancy Marshall. Not only did these professors deepen my appreciation for different genres and time periods, but they also pushed me to think more critically and analytically when viewing pieces of artwork. As a senior, I was delighted to learn that I had taken enough classes and credits to earn the art history degree. I am forever in Teddy Kaul’s debt for helping make this goal a reality. During my final semester, I’ve had the privilege of taking some very exciting classes such as Art History 303: with Drew, Art History 403 with Ahmed who taught us from Cairo and Art History 563 with Professor Sarah Carter from the School of Human Ecology to complete my degree. Following my graduation in May, I will be traveling to Europe for one month where I intend to put some of my knowledge to good use while visiting the cities of Florence, Venice and Rome and some of the most famous works of art in the world. Then I will be returning to UW-Madison where I’ve been hired to work as an Event Planner for the Wisconsin Union. In this new role, I hope to continue my relationships with members of the Art History Department, who have influenced me so much as a UW-Madison student. I thank them all for sharing their vast knowledge, their unique perspectives, and their love of art history.”