Student Spotlight: Claire Kilgore (PhD Student) & Tania Kolarik (PhD Candidate) Publish Book Reviews

The 51st volume of Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, published this October, contains book reviews by Claire Kilgore (PhD Student) and Tania Kolarik (PhD Candidate). Kilgore reviewed Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis’ book The Care of Nuns: The Ministries of Benedictine Women in England during the Central Middle Ages that argues for Benedictine nuns as catering to the spiritual and liturgical needs of their communities. Mary Harvey Doyno’s The Lay Saint: Charity and Charismatic Authority in Medieval Italy, 1150–1350, was reviewed by Kolarik, and examines how lay saints, or local non-elite saints who were rarely not canonized by the papacy, were viewed as a potential threat to the church and needed to be controlled. Comitatus is published through UCLA’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.