Student Spotlight | LAST DAY for AH Undergrad Sadie Stelter Curated Show

(Re)Productions: Functional Ceramic Sculptures Referencing The Classical Figure, is an exhibition of ceramic sculptures that reference famous paintings, drawings, and sculptures chosen by Brian Holme in his book The Classical figure. The sculptures are created by wheel throwing functional dish ware then combining and altering that dish ware to represent different sections of the body. Accessory elements such as handles, spouts, and lids are then attached to accentuate the gesture of the figure being reproduced.

Monday, April 25th–Monday, May 16th, 2022Red Gym 2nd Floor | Class of 1973 GalleryBo Gilbert is a 5th year senior at the University of Wisconsin–Madison getting a degree in Art Education. They specializes in ceramics and art metals and have worked as the studio assistant of the ceramics program for the past 2 years.(Re)Productions is curated by Art History undergraduate Sadie Stelter.