Student Spotlight: Ph.D. Student Ehsan Behbahani-Nia to Present at “Working Stones in the Achaemenid Empire”

Art History Ph.D. Student Ehsan Behbahani-Nia is giving a virtual lecture this Friday, September 17, 2021, as part of the symposium “Working on Stones in the Achaemenid Empire,” organized by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and Iran’s Research Institute of Cultural Heritage & Tourism (RICHT). Ehsan’s talk entitled “When Stones Speak: The Organization of Labor during the Construction of the Tall-i Takht,” explores the architecture and construction of the terrace of Pasargadae, the first Achaemenid royal center in Persia. He will be speaking at 11:00am European time, which is 4:00am CDT.  For more information and to register, contact Zohreh Zehbari via You can find the full program here.