Summer 2021 Course Highlight: AH 303 “Painting & Graphic Arts in Germany, 1350–1530”

This summer, Claire Kilgore (Ph.D. Candidate) will be teaching AH 303: “Painting & Graphic Arts in Germany, 1350–1530” IN-PERSON!
This course explores the visual culture of the Late Middle Ages and the beginning of the Early Modern Era (roughly 1350–1530) in Germany and German speaking lands, beginning with the decimation of the Black Death and concluding with the upheaval of the Protestant Reformation, the German Peasants War, and the Ottoman Siege of Vienna. Focusing primarily on paintings, drawings, woodcuts, and engravings, this course examines the themes of portraiture, religious practice, death and the afterlife, sexuality and gender, emblems and heraldry, mapping and travel, medicine and anatomy, as well as depictions of the foreigner or “other.” This is the first time that this course has been taught in several years!