Alumni News | Alum Receives Historic Preservation Award

Dr. Sarah Fayen Scarlett (Ph.D., 2014) is part of a team recently honored with the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation from the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office. The Keweenaw Time Traveler is an interactive online historical atlas for the Keweenaw Peninsula that uses GIS software to connect thousands of historic maps with archival records from the census, city directories, school records, as well as employment information from the region’s largest copper mining companies. As co-director, Dr. Scarlett has been involved in developing this platform as both a research tool and public heritage project that has includes the work of over fifty students and hundreds of “Citizen Historian” community members. Through educational outreach at local festivals, schools, libraries, and heritage sites, the Time Traveler promotes shared conversation about the region’s industrial past and its enduring impact on contemporary life and identity today. Dr. Scarlett is Associate Professor at Michigan Technological University. You can explore the Keweenaw Time Traveler at and watch the video about the award, here.