Alumni/Student Spotlight: Art History Grad Students Work for The History of Cartography Project vol. 4

The History of Cartography Project’s fourth volume, Cartography in the European Enlightenment, is now available. Several Art History graduate students have contributed to making its publication a reality, including Peter Bovenmeyer (PhD, 2019) and Tania Kolarik (PhD Candidate) who worked as reference editors on the volume. Michelle Prestholt (PhD Candidate), in her role as Office Assistant, contributed by proofreading, indexing, and promotion. The fifth volume and final volume in the series, Cartography in the Nineteenth Century, is currently undergoing fact and reference checking. Peter, Tania, and Michelle have all worked on the fifth volume in addition to Mya Frieze (MA, 2020), who was hired as a reference editor for volume 5.