Spring 2020 Graduates Spotlight: Adi Dina (Art History, BA)

Adi Dina graduated this spring with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History and English Literature. Adi has shared her answers to a few questions about her time her at UW-Madison.

What is your favorite art history memory?
“My favorite memory is having every class with Kayla Wasserman and studying image identifications together late into the night. Presenting my senior thesis virtually was also really special.”

What is the most important skill you have learned in the art history program?
“The most important skill I gained is having a critical eye. In the digital age, we are bombarded with more images than ever. My art history background has made my engagement with ANY and ALL images enriching and thought provoking.”

What do you intend to do after graduation?
“Potentially go to grad school! I am taking a year off right now to figure out what I do and where I want to end up.”