DOB’22 | Alumni Donate in Honor of Prof. Emeritus Henry Drewal

🌟DOB’22🌟 Message from Sauda Smith, Cynthia Becker, Michele Craig, Marguerite Lenius, Mojo Okediji, Kim Miller, Shannen Hill, Janine Systma, Andrea Frohne, Susan Curtis, Cheryl Sterling, Fernanda Villarroel Lamoza, and so many others.
On this #dayofthebadger, we want to celebrate the 29 years during which Professor Henry Drewal brought the arts of Africa and the African diaspora into the classrooms of the Art History department at UW-Madison (1990–2019). In addition to helping us find our paths toward successful careers, Henry continues to be a life-sustaining force for all of us. Either through the countless exhibitions he has shaped into being, the countless workshops, exhibitions, cooperatives, and symposiums he has organized, or simply the countless times he has brought us together on a dance floor. We just cannot wait to see the “re-tryment” projects start spouting off the ground!
Do you have a favorite past or present professor that you want to donate in honor of?
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