Fall 2021 Course Highlight: AH 411 “Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art”

Professor Yuhang Li‘s AH 411: Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art will be taught in-person MWF 11:00–11:50am. There are no prerequisites, humanities breadth and L&S credit. 

In the beginning of this century, China plays a crucial role in the international art world. But what does it mean to be a Chinese artist in the modern age? How did Chinese art become what it is today? What were the politics and other forces surrounding the formation of modern Chinese art? (How) can art affect radical social change? Rather than just being shaped by social and political forces, how do artists attempt to intervene in social life and attempt to change its course of development?

This course will trace the evolution of modern Chinese art chronologically and thematically from the late nineteenth century to the present day. Major themes include the tension between modernity and tradition, Westernization, global cosmopolitanism and cultural nationalism, the establishment of new institutions for art, the relationship between cultural production and politics, gender identity, Chinese art and global market. We will focus on a variety of artistic media, including ink painting, oil painting, photography, print, sculpture, architecture, multimedia installations, video and performance art. Enroll here.