Fall 2022 Course Highlight | History of Islamic Art & Architecture

After a year of leave, Professor Jennifer Pruitt will be teaching AH 305: History of Islamic Art and Architecture, TR, 1:00–2:15pm in Elvehjem L150. Sophomore standing required, satisfies humanities breadth and L&S credit. Enroll here. Description: This course evaluates art, architecture, and culture in the Islamic world, from the seventh century to the present. In it, we will explore such disparate topics as mosques from the time of the Prophet Muhammad; the sumptuous tomb architecture of the Taj Mahal; the wild dreamscapes of Persian painting; and the shopping malls of the contemporary Arabian Gulf. With attention paid to changing historical and cultural contexts, we will consider how faith, politics, and the art market shaped the diverse projects of Islamic society. Themes will include: Islam’s visual response to Christianity; representations of rulership in Muslim societies; the use of the human figure in Islamic book arts; and the global context of contemporary Middle Eastern art.