Fall 2024 Course Highlight | Caribbean Entanglements

Professor Guillermina De Ferrari will be teaching ART HIST 430/600 | LACIS 440 Caribbean Entanglements TR 1:00–2:15 PM during the Fall 2024 semester. Sophomore Standing | Honors Optional | Humanities Breadth | L&S Credit. Enroll here.

Description: In the Caribbean, global warming, the legacy of slavery, and neocolonial experiments in both late capitalism and late socialism shape the way humans perceive and manage their lives. With the understanding that being human is a praxis, as Sylvia Wynter notes, and that art is a practical philosophy, this course explores, via contemporary Caribbean art, how disasters intervene in the construction and disruption of the collective, how people reshape and reinvent the social world in response, and how the arts envision new forms of being in the world.