Fall 2024 Course Highlight | Queer Art & Visual Culture

Professor Jill Casid will be teaching ART HIST 430 Queer Art & Visual Culture online during the Fall 2024 semester. Sophomore Standing | Humanities Breadth | L&S Credit. Enroll here.

Description: Queer art and visual culture are defined not only through their subject matter but also by the methods through which they appropriate and subvert conventional visual practices. Such tactics may include a work’s means of production, its formal properties, and the conditions of its reception. The political imperatives of a queer or queered position, linked to the intersections of race, class, sex and gender will shape thematic investigations of practices related to activism, documentation, abstraction, mining the archive, craft, camp, and drag, among others. Case studies will be drawn from film, performance, comics, video games, and fine art. The course is divided into three units each with a project. Projects will engage text- and studio-based research in an interdisciplinary push to integrate theory and practice. The course is online with a combination of asynchronous and synchronous. There are no exams. No prior art or design experience required. There is no textbook. All required readings and other materials are made available freely via Canvas.