Kohler Art Library News: Lyn Korenic Retires After 29 Years

Congratulations to Lyn Korenic, who retired on July 1st as head of Kohler Art Library after a nearly 40-year career as an art librarian. Lyn held her position at the Kohler since 1999—only the second person to hold this leadership position in the Kohler’s 51 year history. Lyn is a lifelong learner, earning four degrees from UW–Madison (a BA, MFA, and two MAs), and she completed her doctorate in art history in 2006 from UC–Santa Barbara.

At the Kohler, Lyn was promoted to Distinguished Academic Librarian in 2011. As selector for art, Lyn grew the art research collection, adding over 60,000 volumes. An invaluable resource and teacher, Lyn has worked closely with our students and faculty not only to facilitate research, but also as a co-curator with faculty and students for book-based exhibitions in the Kohler. The Department of Art History wishes Lyn a long and enjoyable retirement!