Spring 2021 Graduate Spotlight: Taylor Fote, B.A. Art History, Certificate of Studio Arts, emphasis on Graphic Design, Candidate for Distinctive Scholastic Achievement

This spring, Taylor Fote graduated with a B.A. in Art History and Certificate of Studio Arts with an emphasis on Graphic Design. After graduation she plans to “pursue a professional diploma in UX/UI design and eventually develop websites.” Recalling her favorite art history memory Taylor shared that, “On my very first day of college Freshman year, I had my first art history lecture. I was so engaged, eagerly listening to every word my professor spoke. By the end of the lecture, something clicked; learning about art history made me feel complete. Art history is a passion of mine, and I owe it to that lecture my very first day of college.” The most important skill that she has taken away from the art history program is the ability “to analyze things closely. Everything appears simple on the surface, but the closer you examine it, the more complicated and fascinating it becomes. This applies to art objects, literary texts, problems/solutions, etc.” Congratulations Taylor!!! 🥳 🎓 🎉