Spring 2022 Course Highlight | AH 103 Italian Renaissance: Florence & Rome

This spring, Professor Kristin Phillips-Court will be teaching AH 103 “Italian Renaissance: Florence & Rome,” TR 4:00–4:50pm, humanities breadth and L&S credit. We will explore the artistic developments that took place in Florence in the 15th century, and how the Florentine Renaissance gave way to the achievements by painters, sculptors, and architects in Rome in the 16th century. Students will seek to understand the economic, political, and philosophical context that led to innovation in the arts in Italy in this period. In addition to introducing students to the numerous artistic treasures of Florence, Rome, and other artistic centers, this class aims at providing students with a basic understanding of the purposes, methodology, and terminology of art historical study. Lectures, discussions, and activities will focus on building 1) a practical knowledge of Italian Renaissance art, 2) an ability to read primary text associated with art production, 3) an ability to identify and track stylistic changes, 4) an opportunity to develop analytical skills, and 5) an appreciation for beauty and the enduring value of art as a worthy endeavor. Enroll here.