Spring 2024 Course Highlight | History of Japanese Architecture

This spring, Professor Steffani Bennett will be teaching ART HIST 303: History of Japanese Architecture. MW 2:30–3:45pm | Sophomore Standing | Humanities Breadth | L&S Credit. Enroll here.Description: The remarkable traditions of Japanese architecture are characterized by the qualities of multi-functionality, modularity, and metaphor, and span a diverse spectrum of building types and materials. This course examines the history of Japanese architecture from prehistoric to modern times, from granary-inspired Shinto shrines to Olympic stadiums rendered in concrete and steel. The types of buildings we will examine include Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, castles, teahouses, and residential architecture. In the course, students will develop a clear understanding of timber-frame engineering in premodern East Asia, native versus adopted architectural idioms in the Japanese archipelago, the relationship between architecture and the environment, and the role of architecture in not only reflecting, but also actively shaping, history and society.