Student Spotlight | Ph.D. Candidate Tania Kolarik at the Cleveland Museum of Art

On March 24th, Tania Kolarik (Ph.D. Candidate) was able to examine twelve medieval textiles held within the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. The textiles ranged from the year 1000 to 1400 and were from Byzantium, the Mongol Empire, Italy, and Islamic Spain. This analysis of medieval textiles is part of her larger dissertation project, “The Fabric of the Trecento: The Culture of Textiles in the Long Fourteenth Century.”

Tania also attended the 21st Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies at Case Western Reserve University in her role as Webmaster on the Board of Directors. She took pictures and posted to social media throughout the conference, acted as a judge for the paper prize, and attended the Board of Directors meeting.