Student Spotlight: Premiere of Chapter 3 of Ph.D. Candidate Jessica Cooley’s Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the next online chapter of Indisposable: Structures of Support After the ADA, co-curated by Jessica Cooley (UW–Madison, Art History, Ph.D. Candidate) and Ann M. Fox. A year-long online exhibition created for the Ford Foundation Gallery, Chapter 3: Black Power Naps’ “FRONTLINES OF ALL KIND” will premiere Wednesday, March 3rd, from 2:00–3:00 pm CST.
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FRONTLINES OF ALL KIND is a new video commission documenting artists Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa endeavors and challenges during the pandemic. The filming occurred during the rehearsal period of the Black Power Naps opera “Choir of the Slain” slated to premier at a Berlin theater in the fall of 2020. The opera offers a lush audiovisual landscape where rest and idleness reclaim power and offer healing for the people who are most denied rest and relaxation. Based on historic truths and recent studies, we know that race, class, and socio-economic status determine the amount of quality rest that one can achieve. Working under the strain of a global pandemic exacerbates this social inequity for many, particularly Black people who labor at front lines of all kinds. By creating a collage of the beautiful moments found against the backdrop of institutional power structures, FRONTLINES OF ALL KIND offers an insight into what liberating spaces of rest for Black and racialized people entails.

The video presentation will be followed by a conversation between artist Mandy Harris Williams, Sosa, and Acosta. Black Power Naps will finish the program by leading a soundscape meditation session.
We welcome you to join the event with anything to support your comfort and rest. Bring your eye masks, pillows, essential oils, and relaxing beverages.