Student Spotlight | Tania Kolarik & Claire Kilgore Awarded Lemoine-Midelfort Fellowships

Ph.D. Candidates Tania Kolarik and Claire Kilgore have each been awarded Lemoine-Midelfort Fellowships for their dissertation research travel this summer. Tania will travel to the Italian cities of Lucca, Pisa, Florence, and Venice for her dissertation “The Fabric of the Trecento: The Culture of Textiles in the Long Fourteenth Century.” Claire will explore North and Central Europe, with stops in Cologne, Zurich, Vienna, and Prague, among others, for her dissertation “Sensing the Bodily Interior: Pregnancy and the Generative Body in Religious and Medical Practice in Late Medieval Germany.”

The Lemoine-Midelfort Fellowship was established as a memorial to Professor Fannie Lemoine (Classics and Comparative Literature). The fellowship is intended to assist a dissertator at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with travel or other expenses that will allow significant advancement towards completion of the dissertation on a medieval topic.