Summer 2023 Course Highlight | Animating Art History

It may still be cold outside, but it’s time to begin thinking about your Summer 2023 courses! Ph.D. Candidate Claire Kilgore will be teaching a *NEW COURSE* ART HIST 103 Animating Art History, June 19th–August 13th, Online and Asynchronous. No Prereqs! | L&S Credit | Humanities Breadth. Enroll here. Description: What did the classic movies of your childhood get right and wrong about art, architecture, and visual culture? Learn how to recognize major styles and artistic movements as well as placing the films’ narratives within the historical context of power, patronage, religious practice, race, and gender. We will consider the communicative qualities of film as a medium as well as critically examine artworks and regions not explicitly covered in these films. This introductory course presents a temporally broad survey of global art and architecture through the lens of classic animated movies such The Prince of Egypt, Hercules, Mulan, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Incredibles, and Moana, among others. Along the way, we will explore the art, architecture, and visual culture of Ancient Greece and Egypt, Imperial China, Medieval Europe, Pre-Columbian South America, Polynesia, 19th century Europe, 20th century North America, and more. No previous knowledge of art history is required.