Spring 2023 Course Highlight: ART HIST 373 Great Cities of Islam

Next semester, Spring 2023, Professor Jennifer Pruitt will be teaching ART HIST 373 | Great Cities of Islam MWF 11:00–11:50AM. This will be first time that this course will be taught since Fall 2019! Sophomore standing, Humanities Breadth, L&S credit, Cross-Listed with RELIG ST 373. Register here. Description: Have you always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal? Are you intrigued by the annual pilgrimage of millions of Muslims to Mecca in Saudi Arabia? Do you wonder how ancient cities like Cairo or Istanbul preserve their history while operating as modern, global megacities? In this course, we will travel through space and time to explore the development of some of the world’s most fascinating cities—Cairo (Egypt), Istanbul (Turkey), Delhi (India), Mecca (Saudi Arabia), and Isfahan (Iran).  Through images, texts, films, sounds, and even food, we will trace the development of architectural wonders and the urban fabric from the time of their foundation to the present day. Final projects allow students to write a comprehensive travel guide to a city of their choice.