Student & Alumni Spotlight | First Look at the Divine Comedy Ballet

On October 21st, Anna Betz (B.A. 2017; M.A. 2020) hosted the first viewing of her original ballet based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, including original choreography and music. Ph.D. Candidates Claire Kilgore and Tania Kolarik attended the evening, and dressed according to the encouraged costume theme of Angels and Demons. Kilgore and Kolarik jointly won the best costume prize for their biblically accurate angel or seraphim costumes, which they were awarded a poster, the first copy of the original music, and the album cover for the music. Congratulations Anna!From left to right: Claire Kilgore (gold and white seraphim), Anna Betz (demon); Tania Kolarik (red and gold seraphim).  Learn more about Anna Betz’s ongoing efforts to bring this ballet to life here, and on Instagram @divinecomedyballet